Predictive maintenance platform for industrial assets based on AI and IoT

Project description

In a world where everything is run by machines, securing their optimum performance is paramount. When a machine begins to fail or stop unforeseen: production is compromised, maintenance costs are triggered and performance and quality go down. Sigma Industrial Precision is a Spanish ICT-SME specialized in the development of predictive maintenance based on electrical analysis focused in the development and commercialization of predictive-sigma, a predictive maintenance platform for industrial assets. We believe that electrical data can provide critical information. With this premise in mind we have recently developed and demonstrated a disruptive, smart solution towards Factory 4.0, a cost-effective and easy to use. Thanks to advances in IoT architectures and data analytics, Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is one of the most prominent and fastest growing use cases of IoT technology in industrial settings today and empowered by artificial intelligence that can help to decrease downtime and improve asset performance drastically. We are offering a complete solution, predictive-sigma, including electrical sensors and access to predictions about potential asset failures. With our solution we can guarantee: less stoppages and more production, only the necessary maintenance and ensure quality and efficiency. Sigma is cemented on an experienced team composed of engineers and scientist with skills in business and technology development. In 2018, our company was selected as one of the 50 startups with more projection of Catalonia (Spain) according to the Investment Forum 2018 (Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub).