FACE: A real-time facial analysis software to improve the skincare e-commerce.

Project description

FACE is the first personal real-time facial analyser capable to generate personalised therapeutic strategies and wellbeing recommendations based on the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and medical expert algorithms. FACE software is a disruptive AI facial checker adapted to be used through any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) that solves different challenges.1) Improvement of user´s experience and confidence in purchasing healthcare and wellbeing products through the different selling channels, including online e-commerce platforms, and onsite specialized physical stores . 2) Generation of objective real time information about all the skin issues needed by pharmaceutical companies to develop customized skincare products to cover all the user needs for any circumstance. 3) Development of massive skincare trends analyses through the information stored in the cloud, in order to help skincare product companies in having an objective and updated market vision to define their future strategies. Market size: The global healthcare market focused in the facial skincare is now estimated to be worth some $10tn (£7.7tn; €8.9tn). 15% of global healthcare spending will be tied in some form with Value/outcome-based care concepts focused in an increase of the market information and in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare IT Application that will cross $1.7 billion by 2019. Users/Clients: End user will be all those citizens that will be interested in both wellbeing and purchasing cosmetics. Our Customers will be: 1) All those e-commerce platforms and pharmacies/parapharmacies interested in digital transformation dedicated to skincare products in their portfolio (B2B). 2) skincare pharmaceutical companies interested in market analysis and/or real-time information to develop tailored cosmetics (B2B). Business Model & Commercialisation: FACE software revenues will come from pay-per-use model and from skincare trends massive analysis reports.