A Programming Platform for Reactive Data-intensive Applications

Project description

Ubiquitous connectivity of digital and physical worlds enabled by the convergence of edge (IoT, mobile), in-network and cloud computing plus algorithmic advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise breakthroughs in next-generation Distributed Data-driven Reactive Applications (DRAs), which promise to radically innovate the economy and induce society-scale impact on production, mobility, energy, health, etc. But, such next-generation DRAs are not only expensive and difficult to develop, deploy, and maintain; it is also extremely hard to reason about and to ensure their quality. The goal of this Proof of Concept proposal is to build a business strategy for the implementation and provisioning of enterprise-level programming and methodological support for DRAs. The comprehensive REScala package provides necessary programming tools to support the cost-effective and quality-ensuring implementation of next-generation DRAs across application domains (mobility, energy, health, environment, etc.), involving and combining intelligent user interfaces and computations running on distributed computing platforms with decentralised state. Summarizing, REScala holds great promise to be an important enabler of next-generation DRAs. We expect the innovation potential of this PoC project to be comparable to that unleashed by the invention of smartphone platforms, which unified a myriad of separated silo technologies that emerged on top of mobile communication technology. With REScala’s distributed and decentralised computing model, developers can plug-in their DRAs similar to installing new apps.