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Andreas Andersen Head of Technology Fyrrev├Žnget 3761, 62977 Sommersted Denmark Phone: 63098181 E-mail: About Me I studied Library and Information Science at Sapienza University of Rome. I work for BNP Paribas as a Head of Technology. I am experienced in the following areas: Delphi, Manage securities, C, Haskell, and Troubleshooting. I am highly perseverant. The words that best define me are ethusiastic, tolerant of change and uncertainty and punctual. I excel at dealing with difficult personalities. My research interests include health and wellbeing, and quantum physics experiments. My Footprint Distributed directory information services, WordPress, Developing strategy to solve problems, ICT encryption, tools for ICT test automation, Perl, Iterative development, integrated development environment software, ICT system integration, Algorithm, fermions, banking, optoacoustic, information

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banking, C, Computer technology, Delphi, Developing strategy to solve problems, Distributed directory information services, environment, fermions, Haskell, Head of Technology, health and wellbeing, ICT system integration, information, Iterative development, Library and Information Science, Manage securities, optoacoustic, Perl, Physics, quantum, software, studies, tools for ICT test automation, Troubleshooting, WordPress