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Tim Riviere Vice President Engineering Rue Gasparin 8889, 82373 Aulnay-sous-Bois France Phone: 05-62-37-03-26 E-mail: About Me I hold a Museum Studies degree from University of Wollongong. I currently work as a Vice President Engineering at Verizon. I am experienced in the following areas: Triple store, Data classification, Taxonomy, and RDF. I have always been innovative and willing to learn. My research interests focus on decision-theoretic planning methods, and immunotherapy. My Footprint Corpus analysis, SKOS, Linked data, RDF, Thesaurus, OWL, Semantic search, Triple store, Taxonomy, Graph Database, translation, speech

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Semantic footprint

This semantic footprint is automatically generated based on the resume that was extracted from the CV using PoolParty's text-extraction capabilities. The underlying knowledge model (knowledge graph) contains over 21.000 concepts of skills, topics, and occupations and has been built with PoolParty. It uses an adapted and enhanced version of the ESCO classification of the European Commission as a basis for skills and the occupations that are related to them.

Corpus analysis, data, decision-theoretic planning methods, Engineer, focus, Graph Database, Graph database, immunotherapy, learning, Linked data, Museum Studies, OWL, President, RDF, Semantic search, SKOS, speech, Taxonomy, Thesaurus, translation, Triple store, Vice President Engineering