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Sergio Montgomery Executive Producer Prospect Rd 1588, 26659 Sacramento United States of America Phone: (929)-698-1496 E-mail: About Me I studied Finance at University of Tartu. I am employed as a Executive Producer at United Health. I am experienced in the following areas: Network security, Computer technology, Google Cloud, search engines, Cloud based architecture, and Cloud computing. I have outstanding self- awareness. I see myself as a strategic planner and a troubleshooter. My research interests focus on quantum physics experiments, neurobiology/toxicology, vitro and in vivo research, and drones control. My Footprint ICT system programming, Internet of Things, Network firewall, SaaS, Cloud based architecture, Google Cloud, Proxy server, search engines, Microsoft Azure, Cybersecurity, optoacoustic, cosmic

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Cloud based architecture, Cloud Computing, Cloud computing, Computer technology, Cybersecurity, drone, Executive Producer, Finance, focus, Google Cloud, ICT system programming, Internet of Things, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure, Network firewall, Network security, neurobiology/toxicology, optoacoustic, Proxy server, quantum physics experiments, SaaS, search engines, Strategist, studies, vitro and in vivo research