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Remízio Almeida Engineer Avenida D. Pedro Ii 3060, 42145 Praia Grande Brazil Phone: (22) 4645-1423 E-mail: About Me I graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Electronic Engineering. I work for Assicurazioni Generali as a Engineer. I am experienced in the following areas: SaaS, Nginx, and Microsoft Azure. I am highly persuasive. My research interests include quantum physics experiments, local consistency method, and qubits. My Footprint Amazon Web Services, ICT system programming, Nginx, Cloud based architecture, SaaS, Computer technology, Network security, Microsoft Azure, Network firewall, Proxy server, speech, vehicle

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Amazon Web Services, Cloud based architecture, Computer technology, Electronic Engineering, Engineer, ICT system programming, methods, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure, Network firewall, Network security, Nginx, Proxy server, quantum physics experiments, qubits, SaaS, speech, vehicle