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Lucas Nielsen Senior SharePoint Developer Bakkedraget 5182, 77201 Randers Nv Denmark Phone: 96010493 E-mail: About Me I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Materials Science. I am employed as a Senior SharePoint Developer at General Electric. I am experienced in the following areas: C++, JavaScript Framework, Programming, Open Source, and Query languages. Colleagues have defined me in the past as a mentor, leader and problem solver. I am good at accepting feedback, networking and listening. I can contribute to the company high energy, self-awareness and creativity. I see myself as a critical observer and a manager. My research interests are semantic theory, constraint satisfaction problem, numerical method, and non-markovian open quantum system. My Footprint Java, Rapid application development, Algorithm, Angular, Haskell, Joomla, Open Source, Iterative development, integrated development environment software, Prolog, data-driven, language

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Algorithm, Angular, C++, constraint satisfaction problem, data-driven, Haskell, integrated development environment software, Java, JavaScript Framework, Joomla, language, Manager, Materials Science, Mentor, numerical method, Open Source, Programming, Prolog, quantum, Query languages, Rapid application development, Semantics, Senior SharePoint Developer, systems