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Flavio Vincent Sysadmin Rue de Cuire 6821, 8675 Saint-Gingolph Switzerland Phone: 079 420 63 77 E-mail: About Me I hold a Advanced Algebra degree from Paris Diderot University. I currently work as a Sysadmin at CVS Health. I am experienced in the following areas: MySQL, Graph database, Elasticsearch, and Oracle Data Integrator. I can contribute to the company social skills, creativity and leadership. My research interests focus on large hadron colliders, tidal turbine, numerical method, and illegal wildlife trade. My Footprint Data extraction, transformation and loading tools, Graph database, Data lake, Analyse big data, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Open Data, Data warehouse, MySQL, Elasticsearch, optoacoustic, cosmic- ray, focus

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Advanced Algebra, Analyse big data, cosmic, Data extraction, transformation and loading tools, Data lake, Data warehouse, Elasticsearch, focus, Graph Database, Graph database, large hadron colliders, MySQL, NoSQL, numerical method, Open Data, optoacoustic, Oracle Data Integrator, Perform warehousing operations, PostgreSQL, Sysadmin, tidal turbine, wildlife trade