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Eddie Ferguson Strategist W Dallas St 9497, 91672 North Valley United States of America Phone: (212)-028-5368 E-mail: About Me I hold a Mathematics degree from University of Duesseldorf. I work for Amazon as a Strategist. I am experienced in the following areas: Graph database, Microsoft Access, Data management, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Data integration. I am highly ethusiastic. My research interests focus on superconducting quantum computers, simulation modelling approach, and human machine collaboration. My Footprint Apply information security policies, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Online analytical processing, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Data models, Data management, Database management systems, Data governance, amyloid, digital, biological carbon pump

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amyloid, Apply information security policies, biological carbon pump, data, Data integration, Data management, Data models, Database management systems, digital, Elasticsearch, focus, Graph Database, Graph database, Human, Mathematics, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Online analytical processing, PostgreSQL, simulation modelling approach, SQL, Strategist, superconducting quantum computers