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Dylan Addy CFO Cedar St 8011, A5Y 9F5 Sherbrooke Canada Phone: 222-079-5131 E-mail: About Me I hold a Electronic Engineering degree from Ewha Womans University. I currently work as a CFO at AmerisourceBergen. I am experienced in the following areas: SQL, Database management systems, Data governance, Microsoft Access, Python, and Solr. I am good at writing reports and proposals, innovation and presenting. My research interests focus on quantum physics experiments, predictive maintenance platforms, learning and memory, and wi-fi technology. My Footprint PostgreSQL, Data models, SQL Server Integration Services, Data management, Solr, Online analytical processing, NoSQL, Indexing, MySQL, Data quality, translation, applications, biological carbon pump, focus

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CFO, Computer programming, Data governance, Data management, Data models, Database management systems, Electronic Engineering, focus, Indexing, learning and memory, Management, Microsoft Access, MySQL, NoSQL, Physics, PostgreSQL, predictive maintenance platforms, Python, quantum, Solr, SQL, SQL Server Integration Services, systems, translation, wi-fi technology