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Christopher Mcdonalid NLP Consultant Main Street 3310, 96324 Ashbourne Ireland Phone: 021-326-3241 E-mail: About Me I hold a Semantically Enhanced Document Clustering degree from Louisiana State University. I am employed as a NLP Consultant at Société Générale. I am experienced in the following areas: Data protection, Oracle Data Integrator, Data science, PostgreSQL, Graph database, Data warehouse, and SQL Server. I am a remarkable decision maker. I have always been inspiring and confident. My research interests include distributed system intelligence, non-markovian open quantum system, and constraint satisfaction problem. My Footprint MySQL, IBM Cognos Analytics, Solr, Open Data, Elasticsearch, Data mining, Data lake, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Open government data, healing, augmented reality, speech, Physics

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This semantic footprint is automatically generated based on the resume that was extracted from the CV using PoolParty's text-extraction capabilities. The underlying knowledge model (knowledge graph) contains over 21.000 concepts of skills, topics, and occupations and has been built with PoolParty. It uses an adapted and enhanced version of the ESCO classification of the European Commission as a basis for skills and the occupations that are related to them.

constraint satisfaction problem, data, Data lake, Data mining, Data protection, Data science, Data Science, distributed system intelligence, Elasticsearch, Graph Database, Graph database, healing, IBM Cognos Analytics, MySQL, NLP Consultant, Open Data, Open government data, Oracle Data Integrator, Perform warehousing operations, PostgreSQL, quantum, Semantically Enhanced Document Clustering, Solr, SQL Server, systems